Mathbrain for Windows Ver1.51

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How to use?

Compare to Mathematica:
  1, Very easy to use. You don't need to learn scripts.
  2, Much faster.
  3, Powerful graphics.
  4, Real-time graph is supported.
  5, Graph windows are independent of input window.

What is Mathbrain ? 

Mathbrain is an authentic MDI software application which is to make graphics solving ordinary differential equations and functions by the analysis of their numerical values.  This application can solve differential equations in 10 elements simultaneously and of 100 order as maximum.  You can use parameters in functional equations, and mapping and integral calculations are also possible.  Graphics this application can make are ordinary graphics, real-time animations, cyclo-prot graphics and 3-D ones.

The application has been developed with the concept of preventing failures in the use of software application as much as possible which may happen before referring to mathematical matters.  There have been applications on the market which make graphics solving differential equations. Unfortunately, however, these applications are all very expensive, and as the applications require writing scripts and programming languages, they cannot be handled easily by ordinary customers who are not familiar with computers and don't have experience in writing programs. Such a situation made us to start study if we can develop the application which can be used much easily and with reasonable price for the public as well. Our software application is also expected to be used for educational purpose thanks to its easy operation without matured skills.

Application features:
This application, making the best use of Windows control functions, features easy calculations and creating graphics by simple controls without being troubled by difficult writing scripts and programming which are common to other mathematical analysis type applications on the market. (Most of the writing for our application are the same as those of mathematics, and for others you can use mouse).  Furthermore, input writing secures so flexible functions as programming does, like optional naming for variables and invariables. Another main feature is that all of the solving methods are numerical.  Hence, non-solving objects (manually) like non-linear objects, polymorphs and chaos and objects which have no solution can also be controlled easily.

Our application has rich graphical functions like real-time animations, and it is well constructed for visual support.  Its most current version is capable of 3-D graphics.  Functions of rotation around any axes and viewpoint shifting provide more powerful graphical tools.  Graphics are saved in the extended metalanguage format, and they can be saved on file, copied, pasted on a word processor document and printed with a high grade meeting printer's original resolution.

System Requirements:  Windows95, 98 or WindowsNT
Mathbrain is a shareware.

How to install: Please use setup file to install Mathbrain. (Uninstaller is available too.)

How to order?

Mathbrain Ver 1.51E Download ( 1,131,817bytes )  April 30, 1999