Mathbrain is a shareware with 30 days trial.  It is toll-free to use this application for the period of 30 days for the purpose of your evaluation and to know if it is useful or not.  However, when you use this after the 30 days period or for your practical purposes like making reports and theses, you are required, without any failure, to remit registration fee and register it without any failure.

Two kinds of registration, private registration and site license registration, are available at your option.

Private Registration:
Registration fee is US$48.00 for one person.
Private registration is for the use of a registered person only, and other persons cannot use the application even on the same computer hardware.  Registered person can use it on more than one computer at any place.

Site License:
Site License is for the use on a registered computer hardware.

Any person can use the application on the same computer if it is registered.

Site License fee:
   2 to    4 computers at US$45 each  ______
   5 to    9 computers at US$40 each  ______
 10 to   24 computers at US$35 each  ______
 25 to   49 computers at US$25 each  ______
 50 to   99 computers at US$20 each  ______
 The author will send you your password by internet mail after the payment is confirmed.
 Registration will be made by your input of your password and name in the customer registration page of the help menu, and thereafter all functions of the application will become available.

 Please see help file to know details.